Comprehensive guide on resettlement law for practitioners (2012)

The Howard League for Penal Reform has written a comprehensive guide on resettlement law for practitioners who work with children and young people with resettlement needs.

This guide provides practitioners with legal reference material and practical advice. It is designed to understand what steps a practitioner can and should take to support young people in the criminal justice system in need of accommodation or support to help them get what they need.

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Guides to resettlement issues are also being developed with young people in custody and will be published soon.

On our side: young people and the police

Young people tell us there is a problem with interactions between them and the police. Many young people feel victimised and stereotyped by the police. Young people caught up in the criminal justice system felt the police were often prejudiced, racist and too soon to accuse young people of committing crimes. This leads to a toxic relationship between many young people and the police.

In 2012 the landscape of policing changed and new Police and Crime Commissioners were elected. We hope they will have the power to bridge the gap between young people and the police to make everyone in our communities safer.

We believe young people are the experts when it comes to finding solutions to youth crime. This is especially true of young people who have been caught up in crime themselves. We want Police and Crime Commissioners to draw on the real life experiences of these young people, involve them fully when drawing up their policies and when they write their plans for tackling crime. 

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Future insecure: Secure children's homes in England and Wales (2012)

Most children in trouble with the law need help and support in the community to change their lives. But for the few who do need the safety of a secure environment, there are small, local units which can help. These secure children’s homes provide the highest standards of care and rehabilitation in the system. This is one of a series of briefings on issues that young people themselves have reaised and looks at why the remaining secure children’s homes should be protected from any further closures.

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Life Outside: Collective Identity, Collective Exclusion (2011)

Following on from Life Inside 2010 report, the U R Boss project has worked with young people across the country who have recently been released from custody to give them the opportunity to share their experiences of returning to their communities, being on licence, routes back into custody and recommendations for change.

Life Outside explores young people’s perceptions of themselves as separate from the rest of society, how the conditions and restrictions that are imposed on them when they leave prison criminalise and exclude them further and the importance of positive relationships with professionals, their families and communities.

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Life inside: A unique insight into the day to day experiences of 15-17 year old males in prison (2010)

This is the first policy report produced as part of the Howard League’s exciting U R Boss project, combining our unique legal work with young people in custody and a national participation programme. This report was developed in conjunction with young people currently in custody and released into the community.

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