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Legal Advice Line

For young people aged under 21 in custody.


Tel: 0808 801 0308

Monday – Friday 9am–12pm and 2pm–4pm

Free legal advice. Under 21? In custody? Having problems? We might be able to help!

We run a free, confidential legal service for young people under 21 in custody or who have been in custody. Call our Legal Advice Line for free to see if we can help you.

You can call the Advice Line if you think you have a problem and you think you might need some legal help.

If something feels unfair, it is always worth checking to see if there is a way we can help.

We can help with things like…

  • Treatment and conditions in custody: advice on how to to change the way you are treated when you are locked up
  • Health and wellbeing: advice where you are physically or mentally ill and unhappy but are not getting the help you need
  • Discrimination: advice on unfair treatment based on who a person is
  • Resettlement: advice on accommodation and support when you leave custody
  • Adjudications: advice on internal prison disciplinary hearings, sometimes called “nickings” and legal help on external (or independent) disciplinary hearings
  • Criminal appeals: help to challenge a criminal conviction or sentence
  • Early release: legal help where you are not sure when you can be released or where you want to challenge a decision not to grant early release
  • Parole and recall: representing you when you are being considered by the parole board
  • Transfer: advice when you want to go to a different secure place. 

It’s free and confidential...

The number is free for you to call, even if you’re in prison. You should not need to get permission from the prison to call as the number is a designated global number and you don’t need to add it to your PIN list. Sometimes you have to ask the prison to make sure the number works though.

If you cannot call when the lines are open, you can always leave a message: make sure that you tell us your name, prison and prison number.

If we can't help you ourselves, we will always try to find another person to help you.

  • This number is only for young people who are locked up or in the community without the means to pay to contact us. We need to keep this line as free as possible so that they are able to get through to talk to us.
  • If you are a professional making a referral or needing advice, please call our office on our main telephone number 020 7249 7373

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