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Young Advisors are young people who advocate for those in the criminal justice system. Our Young Advisors present their manifesto to professionals at the Reimagining Youth Justice conference.  Read our Storify here.

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U R BOSS is a project led by young people for young people that is part of the Howard League for Penal Reform. It’s a project for you and any young people and young adults aged 10 to 24 years old that are or have been involved in the criminal justice system and may have been in some form of custody.

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My message to the police? Be willing to listen

For me, my first impression of the police was during a family domestic. I was nine my sister was 13/14. She was manhandled by the police. Then a couple of days later I was walking with my friends in the street, some police saw me and asked if she was so OK? [I was really embarrassed, my friends didn’t know what had happened and I wasn’t going to tell them, now everyone knew the police had been involved with my family]. That’s why my experience of the police feels different to others.


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